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BNS AfterSchool Program 2017-2018

updated September 2017



  • Fall Workshops are full.
  • BCS Sibling Pick up Form: if your BNS student needs to wait for pick up by a BCS sibling, fill out this form (print out and return to AfterSchool).


Dear Families,

All of us at BNS AfterSchool would like to extend a warm welcome to new families as well as to update returning families on what’s happening with the AfterSchool program.


We want to open this letter with a colossal THANK YOU to everyone involved in such a successful first year of our revamped program. Those folks include Administration, Staff and Families.




Our Program is led by our Director Shalisha Jackson. Shalisha is a former BNS paraprofessional who has been effectively running the program for a year and has been part of the AfterSchool staff for 6 years. Shalisha can be reached Monday-Friday from 12pm-6pm at 347-277-6579 or by email at Shalisha@bns146.org.


Each day, there is at least one licensed teacher on site. The staff also includes paraprofessionals who know the children well because they work in BNS classrooms during the school day, other experienced AfterSchool workers and BCS students who work as interns. Last year, an Advisory Board of parents and teachers formed to support and provide assistance to the AfterSchool program. If you’d like to join that group, which meets monthly, or have matters you’d like to bring to its attention, please email us at afterschooladvisory@bns146.org


The AfterSchool program is available to all children who attend Brooklyn New School (grades Pre-K - 5th). AfterSchool separates younger and older students into smaller groups, making the program more developmentally appropriate for all children. For all children, each afternoon will include snack, outdoor free play as well as quiet time for homework or choice time.  




Last year, as promised we brought back a host of our favorite workshops such as Capoeira, Modern School of Soccer, and Juegemos a Cantar along side some new favorites like Camp Half Blood.


This year they are back and bigger than ever. Not only are we bringing back all of our favorites but we are now offering a few brand new classes such as Kaleidoscope Chorus, Music and Movement, Earth Living Skills and Much more!


Fall workshops are full.


All families can now register for AfterSchool online. Please click this link: http://weblink.donorperfect.com/bns_register


FOR GRADES 1-5: The first day of AfterSchool will be Thursday, September 7th (the first day of school).


FOR GRADES Pre-K and Kindergarten: The first day of AfterSchool will be on Tuesday, September 12th due to phase-in.


If you register online now, your child can attend AfterSchool starting Thursday, September 7th (first through fifth grade) or Tuesday September 12 (PreK and K) , much earlier than in previous years. If you register at the start of the school year, your child will have to wait to begin AfterSchool on Thursday, September 14th. The reason for this is to encourage advance registration, in order to plan for the number of children and begin the school year with enough money for all the needed AfterSchool personnel.


Families with questions or concerns may also register in person in room 108A at the beginning of the school year with Shalisha, Monday-Friday from 12pm-6 pm.

We require families to pay in advance. Fees for AfterSchool must be paid by the 3rd school day of that month (the first payment will include September and one time family registration fee of $25).


Monthly Unlimited Flat Rate - Required Prepaid monthly (based on actual school days)


This School Semester we decided to add up all the school days and divide them evenly like we have done in past years so we have one flat rate each  month. The rates are as follows…..

We have a 4-5 day plan because there are so many weeks that have a day off in them already.


If you sign up for a flat rate plan, you will be asked to pay for that plan regardless of how often your child actually attends. Please think of the Flat Rate Plan like an Unlimited Metro Card: it will still expire at the end of the month regardless if you have used it once or if you decide to use it everyday. If you think you require more flexibility, the flat rate packages are NOT the packages for you! You should instead purchase one of the flexible use packages.


Flexible Use packages - (If you plan to have your children go to AfterSchool two days per week or less) Sold in packages of 10, like a coupon book.


2:30- 4:30 PM  $20

(Package of 10 = $200)


2:30-5:45 PM $35

4-5 Day (Full Week)  


($22.25 Per Day )  FULL TIME : $3,960 PER YEAR = $396 PER MONTH

($14 Per Day )      HALF TIME : $2,492 PER YEAR = $249 PER MONTH


3 Days


($25 Per day) FULL TIME : $3,525 PER YEAR = $352 PER MONTH

( $16 Per Day) HALF TIME: $2,256 PER YEAR = $225 PER MONTH 


(Package of 10 = $350)

As in previous years, families may not register for AfterSchool if there is a balance owed from the previous school year.

There are a limited number of scholarships available. If your family qualifies for free or reduced price lunch, you may be considered for a scholarship. Your school lunch form for 2017-2018 must be completed before you can be considered for a scholarship. Complete the lunch form online here. Families requesting scholarships should contact Shalisha Jackson, AfterSchool Director, at shalisha@bns146.org. Requests will be reviewed with administration.


Sibling and Staff discounts will still be applicable (2 siblings: 25%, 3 siblings: 35%).


Thank you! Your early registration helps your family and the AfterSchool program.


Sincerely yours,
Shalisha & the AfterSchool Advisory Board