BNS/BCS Green Committee

contact Sustainability Coordinator, Johanna Esteras, at


The BNS/BCS Green Committee started as a group on Earth Day, 2007, and has since spearheaded recycling, composting and gardening initiatives at 610 Henry Street.

This year, the BNS/BCS Green Committee is focusing on "wellness" and the construction of the school's outdoor classroom, the Eco-Casita. The Green Committee organizes the annual Earth Day events, Garden To Cafe Day, as well as supporting the Enviro Club, workshops and classes after school. We work with SchoolFood, Green 15, Green Schools Alliance, and other outside organizations. Our goal is to continue to initiate and incorporate environmentally-conscious ideas into the school community and school building.

In an effort to kick-start healthier classrooms, we recommend if possible that parents purchase and/or make environmentally-friendly products from the school list (i.e. recycled paper, paper towels, tissues, cleaning products, hand sanitizers, etc.) and local or all-natural products when you provide snacks for children throughout the year.

Check out the DOE's new Grow to Learn site.

Check out the Lower East Side Ecology Center site. They have opened a permanent eWaste collection site near us.