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Weekly Letter 11.20.17

Dear Families:

Agent Awesome writes, “I love how every day you make sure the school stays safe and kind.”  When I read those words, a warm glow traveled through me.  I can not express how lucky I felt to be the recipient of another letter from a Secret Agent of Kindness.  

Nancy and Alex’s class has a new project this year: the Secret Agents of Kindness.  Each child in the class is a secret agent with a unique name.  These agents write letters of gratitude and do other gestures that show their appreciation for the community.  You might find one of these kids picking litter off the floor or cleaning up someone else’s trash in the lunchroom.  They won’t ask for recognition, they will just do the act out of the goodness of their hearts because they are Secret Agents of Kindness.  

 I, myself, have  already received five letters from these agents and somehow, no matter how often I receive that special envelope, I still find myself feeling content and satisfied upon reading these missives.  

 May I take the time to offer thanks:  First to José and Ed for their never ending commitment to our children, and for their perseverance in supporting our youngsters as they sang and danced and performed on Friday night.  Second to Brandon and Kavan for encouraging our youth to be fit and to run and to run and to run!  Third to Barbara and Johanna who inspire our children every day to be gardeners and scientists.  Fourth to our paras who carefully watch and support all of our children.  Fifth to the BNS support staff who are behind the scenes, making all that we do possible.  Sixth to our teachers who work every day and many a night, planning rich curriculum and learning opportunities for your children.  And lastly to you for your support, your faith, your trust and your children.  

As we anticipate the holiday weekend, let’s take the time to be Secret Agents of Kindness, to thank our friends and families for being in our lives.  Let’s remember to express that gratitude.  

All for now,



Quote of the  Fall:

“Dear Anna,


Thank you for making BNS a welcoming place.  I love that you take time out of your day to coach kickball.  


Sincerely, Secret Agent of Kindness Lightening Bolt”



Join us for Parents As Learning Partners tomorrow morning in the art room.  We will be talking about the use of technology, both in school and out.  Come hear from technology experts Beth, Ed, Andrew, and others as we talk about finding the balance with the technology in our lives.