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Weekly Letter 9.13.17

Dear Families:


It’s the fifth day of school and already the building hums with the voices and energy of students, teachers and parents.  As we get to know each other, we work carefully to reiterate our core values: empathy and collaboration, respect for the self and others, not to mention curiosity and the desire to engage with the world.  

The school year begins with teachers setting the tone in each of their classrooms while the staff on our School Wellness Council build community with first to fifth graders during the time that you, the parents, meet with the teachers.  


In other good news, our lower gym is being converted to a dance studio.  Construction is in progress and soon, we will have dedicated space for movement and dance at 610 Henry Street.  As well, construction is proceeding on the exterior wall and sometime in 2018, the scaffolding should come down.  Lastly, we are in receipt of $615,000 from the Borough President’s office, allowing us to eventually have a Green Roof experience for our students.  


All of these improvements happen because of the perseverance of staff and parents, writing appeals and asking for the necessary funds to make this space a true teaching and learning environment.  Many thanks to the PTA who work tirelessly to support our program.  


The first PTA meeting is tomorrow, either at 8:20 AM or at 7:00 PM.  Please come and make every effort this year to be involved in your child’s school.  You really do make the difference and we really do need you.  At the first PTA meeting, you will vote on the budget.  


The PTA’s fundraising contributions make it possible for us to provide a great deal of enrichment for your child, enrichment that we believe is not extra, but rather fundamental to the foundational experience that we are creating for children.  This year’s budget includes funding for the Brooklyn Arts Exchange, which offers movement theater and dance (taught by Donna and José) to children in kindergarten to grade five, funding for science, making it possible for Barbara to continue to support our work, funding for early childhood inquiry, allowing Bill Fulbrecht to work with the kindergarten and pre-k classes as they study the forest and the shore, and funding for Spanish, adding a theater, music and cooking component to the Spanish curriculum through the instruction of Jose.  We are so fortunate to have a PTA, which works tirelessly to help us make the impossible possible.  

Thanks for your fundraising efforts last spring.  You did it, allowing us to start the school year with all of our staff in place.  


We are proud of you, we are proud of our children and we are proud of our staff.  Happy September.


All for now,



A reminder:

Our doors have an alarm system on them as a safety precaution.  Please remember to leave through the main doors by the security desk so you don’t set off the alarm.