Writing Math Painting and Reading
Posted on March 22, 2019

Writing about writing...

Right now I'm thinking that my writing is going to be so juicy. I'm thinking about what I am going to write next. Right now I am watching my friends think really quietly and I'm watching Krystalyn grabbing the word list and watching Levi look at the Manhattan table and watching Simon run to the Queens table which is my table and me watching Andrew give Victor some headphones and watching Andrew turn off the lights and give the clean up instructions. [Zahara]

I gasped. I almost finished up my writing. I gave it my best. Nothing stopped me. Nothing. But the bus kids had left. I had to stop. [Aiden]


Writing about math...

I... I... finished! I was working on my math things. It was fabulous. I love math. It's unique, it's educational, it's exciting, it's just pure fun. This is a puzzle for you (the reader/readers). We first got the blocks. Then we built a thing. Then we counted all the blocks. [Krishna]

Writing about painting...

Yesterday I went to the meeting area and listened to everything my teacher said, and when my teacher was finally done telling us what we have to do then I started to paint. First I think it was yellow. Then white. Then brown. Then dark brown. Then purple. Then I put all the colors on the paper and I made a boat. I made a sun. I made a cloud. And I made a person on the boat. [Jamila]

I was walking over to Andrew and I asked, "Can I please have the light blue?" "Sure," he said as he lightly brushed some paint onto the container. "Thanks," I said and I walked over the Manhattan table. I grasped a brush as I pulled it gently toward me. Andrew had told us that painting would work much better if we did that. I used a slightly bigger brush this time because I was doing the sky. The paint dried extremely quick so I could move my hand. [Penny]

As the teacher asked, "What color do you want?" I said I wanted this lightish blueish gray. I started stroking the brush toward me thinking this technique of stroking the brush toward me really does help. It was hard to paint all the curves on the waves but I did it. [Maya]

I was stroking. It looked glossy. I was nearly done with this color. The area that I was working on was getting bigger. I was working on the next step of my cover. [Orla]

I was working on Jacob Lawrence. I was going slow with the paintbrush and my paint. My hand was moving slow as a snail and my brain was telling me to go faster and since I wasn't going faster my brain was angry. [Ivy]

I was working on my Jacob Lawrence painting and I needed the red for my tornado and the blue for my water. So I asked for another color, so I got the red for my tornado and I got the blue for my water. [Flynn]

This week I got out a pallet. I took a middle-sized paintbrush and a small one. My teacher took a really big, not too big, paintbrush and scooped some green paint into the pallet. I took it to the bench on the Manhattan table and sat down. I took my small paintbrush and started. "Almost finished," I sighed. I kept doing it. Finally, I was done with one color. It looked fantastic. I said to my teachers I was done. They said "Which color do you want?" I chose carefully. "The red," I said. Then this kept going on. "Yellow," I said. Soon it was the next day. "Black," I said. "Yay! I'm done!" It looked fabulous. It was totally done. Everything was colored. Then I saw something out of the lines. I said, "I want yellow." Soon enough, I finished. "Yay!" I did not actually say 'yay' more like it was in my head. Oh yeah. By the way. It was painting my cover. [Grace]


Writing about reading...

"Mr. Wuffle," Greta said. The book does not have a lot of words because most words look like this ∆⊚. Mr Wuffles is a cat. A very cute cat. Well that's what I think. There are not too many people in the book. The aliens in the book wear clothes that look like dresses. And the ants don't wear anything until the end of the book. I liked the part when the ants and the aliens fought Mr. Wuffles. I think that Mr. Wuffles is a nice name. There are also ladybugs in the book. I liked the one part when Mr. Wuffles perched near the radiator. [Cliona]


My teacher started to read a book it. It was called Mr. Wuffles. I was really into it. There were aliens and a cat and stuff. It was really cool. [Elliot]

I don't know what to write about so I'm writing about how I don't know what to write about. We read Mr. Wuffles. It is so hilarious. And Mr. Wuffles tries to attack some aliens' spaceship so they go under a radiator and meet some ants and ladybugs and make a plan to escape. [Vesper]

Today we read a book with a cat in it and aliens and insects and the cat tried to chase the aliens and bugs and the cat thought the aliens' ship was a cat toy and in one part the cat chased the spaceship so it went out the window so the cat got so eager the cat waited right next to the radiator because the aliens ran to the radiator and hid in the radiator so the cat thinks the aliens came back but they didn't. [Oli]


Posted on March 14, 2019

We read, discussed and learned an excerpt of an Emily Dickinson poem. First, read the poem. Then check out the video below!

Hope is the thing with feathers
that perches in the soul
and sings the tune
without the words
and never stops
at all.

Now read some of our descriptions of the week's activities.

I looked and looked but I could not find it. Where was it? The blue? I asked Veronica if she could help me and she said "Yes." We found Ice Blue and Sky Blue but we could not find Light Blue. Then Veronica had to go swimming, but then I found it - Light Blue! I walked over to my table spot. I started to color. It took me twenty minutes but then I was done! [Penny]

I was surprised. Andrew asked us to draw something we have never done. So anyway, we did it. I started slowly and I got faster and faster. THen I thought I was done so I asked Andrew. He said "Darken the corner." And I did, but I did two corners. I was making a scribble sheet. [Ivy]

This week, my teacher told us to scribble on a sheet of paper. So I scribbled so much and filled the whole paper and for some reason, it was for _____. I know. Crazy. Right? But this is how we did it. So we traced our collages and took another piece of paper and put it under the sheet and pressed it again and then you have it on. Yeah. It was our covers. [Grace]

I added one more stick to my project. "Good," I said to myself. "Now I am ready for clay. Oh yeah. Now I got some clay." I got to work. [Elliot]

In Island Study we worked on covers. It was fun We did it because we need it for our island story. So basically first we did collage. Then we traced it. Then we made scribble sheets and put them under our tracking and traced it again. Lift up the scribble sheet and tracing paper and tada the drawing is on the paper! [Simon]

"Almost done," I thought as I carefully pressed with my pencil. "I'm done," and I gave the teacher the paper. I went to the meeting area. The teacher told us what to do. I started to scribble. And I scribbled. I took a small break because my hand hurt. I scribbled close to the end of the paper. I was almost done, but..... before I could finish we had a quick meeting. Some people finished, some people did not. [Cliona]


Descriptions of the Week
Posted on March 8, 2019

BAM! Brandon hit the ball! It went very very far. I slid for it. I caught it! Then he hit it again. Victor caught it. It was fun! Then, we played keep away. It was fun! We were in PE. (In was a secret.) I don't know what to write here, so bye! PS. There is no PS. [Krishna]

Brandon hit the ball. CRACK! Right down the middle. I jumped to catch the ball. I caught the ball but I hit my back hard. It really hurt. It was great. I wish we could do it every day. [Simon]

Brandon hit the ball. "Oh no!" I thought. "I do not think I can get it, but I am going to do it." I jumped. "I got it! Yes! Yes!" [Elliot]

Today I felt good. I was in PE. I was playing with Trudy and PEnny. I was the teacher. I heard yelling. It was really loud. I felt kids touching me. Samari was pretending to be a bad baby. [Ivy]

Victor, me, Oli, Aiden, Iggy, and Elliot were playing a game. Brandon hit the ball with his bat and we tried to get the ball. I think I got the most points. I got seven points. [Flynn]

Today I was in the _. I was runningt with Vesper between the black line and the red line. We were kind of racing. [Krystalyn]

I was sitting at my table with my pencil and erasing a lot. [Trudy]

This week I saw a half-dead shark explode [in the book Nim's Island]. That was crazy and cool and I can't believe my eyes. That was fun and cool and sick. I kind of liked it. And my favorite sea creature is a shark. [Emmanuel]

I took a planning sheet and I started planning. It took me twenty minutes but then I was done. Greta said, "Penny, you can start on the cardstock." She got me the paper and I started to draw. This time, I added more details and my pencil strokes were more careful. I wanted to get it right. Finally, I was done with my first picture. I walked over to Greta and showed her my picture. She said you can color now. And by the way, I was illustrating. [Penny]

I added a nose. I added hair. I added a body. I added two eyes. "All done," I thought. I realized that I'm not done because I did not add a background. I added a back shelf. I added a bed. I added a window. I added a light. "Now I'm done," I thought. "Wait. I need color. I colored the books. I colored the shirt. And "Time to clean up!" said Greta. "I'm almost done coloring my shirt. I finished! Yay! .... but only the shirt. Womp womp womp." [Cliona]

I was cutting paper. Then I was taping it down. I added stars. There was a tent. I showed Andrew. He said my tent didn't look like a tent. So I added a tent flap. And I was doing my cover. [Orla]

This week we made _. It was so fun, because we cut out pieces of paper but I don't know what the other thing was and my friend Roko made a volcano in the front. I did a volcano in the background. And I put a dragon in mine and a dolphin in mine, too. [Oli]

Today I did my cover. It fell off the paper. So I put the cut up pieces back on the paper. So then I taped the cut up pieces of paper. So I said, "This is hard!" [Samari]

This week we used torn out pieces of paper from magazines to make collages. I used a panda and bushes and birds in the sky and trees with animals running next to the trees. There weren't enough bird scraps to finish the whole sky, so I used water color the same color as the sky, which was orange-ish yellow to finish the sky. This was all at art. [Maya]

At lunch today my food was so good and hot and crunchy and soft and fudgey and gooey and red and white and yellow and dots of black. The other day this week I finished my shelter. This week at math it was hard to keep focused at math because people were jiggling. [Levi]


Kapla, the Maya Museum, Small Shelters, Jacob Lawrence and Valentine's Day
Posted on February 15, 2019

This week in Kapla a lot of people were making their buildings round. Me and Penny made a bank. It had a round base and there was a tower and a thing for money. Today is Choice Time and I want to do sewing. [Orla]

I finally went to the 5th-grade museum and I saw my cousin. I gave him a hug. It was time to go to class. I will see him on the bus. We went home together. [Aiden]

There was a museum and we all went. It was very large and the people in the museum were very loud. [Zaina]

I think that I am almost done with my shelter. If you do not know what our shelters are, I will tell you, but.... I'm not sure how to explain it. Soooooo I will tell you the steps.
(1) You get cardboard.
(2) Write your name.
(3) You get two Y sticks.
(4) One ridge pole.
(5) You need clay.
(6) You need some straight sticks.
(7) You put it together like this. So I guess I did not tell you all the steps. [Cliona]

This week I learned about Jacob Lawrence and he is from Harlem. And he moved a lot. He paints people migrating. And he lets colors dry before he paints more. And while the color dries he plans. Art makes me happy. And my mom is a curator so I get to go to a lot of museums and learn about a lot of paintings and learn about a lot of artists. [Zahara]

I got a lot of candy at Valentine’s Day. The kids who didn’t have cards would sit at the table and the kids that had them would walk around and give them to people. So I am collecting all of the Valentine's Day candy at my house for when I go to Florida. Because where we’re going - the house we are going to - is my uncle’s and it has way better hiding spots, so I can just eat it all in those hiding spots. [Iggy]

This week I did Valentine’s Day. We did it the way we were supposed to do it. We sat at our table spots and the people who brought in the candy they walked around and gave people candy. I love the candy. [Victor]


Snail Shells, the Botanic Garden and Writing
Posted on February 1, 2019

This week in island study, I used pale green but when I pressed harder and it became darker. I colored in trees and one field green. I also made a snail. Trudy had given me a shell that looked like a snail shell and I had made a back snail come out of the shell. "Can I have your shell?" I asked. "Sure," Trudy had said. I could not stick on the shell but then it worked! [Penny]

We went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. We had lunch outside. After we went in the greenhouses me and Penny and Maya and Izzy and Jamila went to the jungle room. We wrote for about twenty minutes. Then I took out "Babymouse: Camp Bbabymouse". Then on Wednesday, I got "Sophie: The Sapphire Fairy". [Jocie]

Today I didn’t know what to write about, but I am writing about this right now. It is cool to be able to use a computer. Only two other people get to work on a computer. I like to use the computer because it helps me with typing. [Victor]

We started on our island stories. And thinking about islands makes me think about swans, and I want my island story to have lots of animals in it. I want to have pandas and giraffes and puppies and kitties and ladybugs and other kinds of animals and bugs. [Zahara]

I went to the Botanic Garden this week, and it was really fun one time to see all these exhibits. And then we got to see different animals and they were all super cool I brought a notebook. I wrote about a desert animal and it was very awesome. And at the end, we got to go back to school, but I got to see some bamboo on the way and it was really thick and tall and it was really cool. [Iggy]

Yesterday at Work Time I did origami, and I learned how to make a turbo wing, and I also learned how to make a butterfly and I also made a ninja star. But I already knew how to make a ninja star. And the butterfly and the ninja star were both made for my friend Simon. [Oli]