What makes this week different from other weeks?
Posted on January 11, 2019

I went to the Natural History Museum. We wrote a story about animals. I looked at coyotes. We ate lunch in a cafeteria. I had home lunch. [Vesper]

This week, me and my class went on a field trip on Wednesday to the Natural History Museum two days ago. Then one day before, we went to the Museum of Natural History, we picked a picture of hills and animals. So after we did that, we made steps of what to do when we write in the museum. After we did our work, then we ate lunch. Then in the museum's cafeteria, there were a few birds in the cafeteria. [Levi]


We went on a trip. We went to the Museum of Natural History. We took trains to go there. We took the F to the B. When we got there, we were looking at dioramas. I chose a bear to write about. I did not have my notebook, so I had to rip out another kid's page so that I could write. [Krystalyn]

I went to the Museum of Natural History and we learned about the animals and we had fun. We looked at dioramas and we did a story. Mine was long. And we had lunch in the museum. [Julie]

I made my own island adventure at the Museum of Natural History. We saw dioramas and wrote about them. I did the bear. It was so fun. And the dioramas also had landforms. My diorama had a valley. We had so much fun. [Zahara]

I went on a field trip. I went to see the animals. We made stories. We would pretend that we were in the story. [Trudy]

If you go one page back in my notebook, you'll find a story that I wrote at the Museum of Natural History. It's about mountain goats. It was awesome. My mom came on the trip. And then we had lunch. In the lunch room, there were pigeons. [Krishna]

We went to the Natural History Museum. We saw lots of dioramas. We looked for our dioramas that we chose the day before. I chose a diorama with two bears and a little stream behind the bears. There is a mountain. It was covered with snow. [Flynn]

Our class went to the Museum of Natural History. Our class went to the North Americal Hall of Mammals. Then we observed them. I chose the goats. Then we wrote about them. There were a lot ofr animals. There were two mooses and foxes and skunks. [Orla]

My class went to the museum where we did work on animals. They were cute. Some were scary. I wrote about bears. A baby bear was on a tree looking down at his family. [Ivy]

I went to the Natural History Museum. It was very quiet there. Bears and other animals were there, too. And at the end, Aiden went to the photo booth. I told him to. And no one found out. [Izzy]

I went to the Museum of Natural History. I saw bears. I had fun. We took the F to West 4th Street. We took the B to 81st Street/Museum of Natural History. We saw a pigeon fly over us in the cafeteria. I was partners with Jamila, because Penny was not there. She was sick. [Jocie

Over the week I made a rock island. It is where you pick a rock and take some wax and make volcanos and mountains and hills and valleys out of it. It's hard because the wax is really hard. And you have to warm your hands nd pinch it and squish it. All I did so far was make a hill and some dirt. [Maya]

I ws doing rock islands. I am still working on it. It is really fun, because we put wax for valleys and hills and mountains. Some people did two rocks. Like me. And other people did one rock. [Oli]

For the first time in 2nd grade we made our islands. Step 1: Choose a rock. Step 2: Clean it. Step 3: Make a picture of it when it is a rock. Step 4: Then imagine what it would be like if it was an island. Then draw it as an island. Step 5: GTet used to the wax. Step 6: Choose where to put hills and put the wax where you want, and when you finish, you can do dirt or a mountain. If you have time, you can do both but you probably won't get to that. I did two hills and one mountain and some grass. [Grace]

This weak i did a rock island. i choose a rock and then we put wax on the rock to make it look like a  island. i like the way it is coming out good. I have a hill in my rock. [Victor]

We read "Three Days on a River in a Red Canoe". It was fun. We also went to the Natural History Museum. Also wax islands. That was also fun, too. We saw animals and we all got to make our island adventure. That was too fun. [Emmanuel]

Today I learned about Keith Harring's style of radiaton marks. His work is in the airport. We got to see his work on video today. That was my week memory. It was my favorite day. [Aiden]

I was at art. I am studying Keith Harring. Keith Harring does radiation symbols. They are cool. Radiation symbols are little lines. I used the radiation symbols in my drawing. My drawing is something that I do not know what it is. I still think it is cool. [Elliot]

I was playing with Oli. I was imagining. After that, I got tired. When I got on the bus, I slept on the bus! Then I woke up. I went home. [Roko]

These are the dates of the week
It will never be the same day again. I figured that out in writing just now. The dates are on the side. This one. Over here. OK. I'm supposed to ask myself "How can I make this better?" Now I am done. [Olivia]


Feeling proud??
Posted on January 4, 2019

This week in gym, I hoola-hooped and played tag. I was it second. I was super fast! We played regular tag and toilet tag. The wall was the base in regular tag. In toilet tag, base was the water fountain. It was fun, because I like being fast. [Penny]

I am proud for reading new "Dragon Masters" books. I like them, because they have dragons in them. And they have legendary powers. The powers are sun, moon, fire, water, earth, thunder, poison. [Emmanuel]

Two days ago, we made rock drawings with our imaginations. We turned them into islands. Then we drew them. I was proud of my drawing. [Krishna]

I like morning meeting. I also like school. It is fun, because I love and love and love and love school. And I like art in the classroom. [Trudy]

I cleaned my rock. It is big. Then I drew it. First I drew the rock. Then I made the rock into an island. It was really fun because you get to pick your own rock. [Ivy]

I got my lunch box in my book bag. It was hard! [Olivia]

I flew my drone this Christmas. It's really fun, because I learned how to stunt flip while I'm flying the drone, and I'm good at landing it. [Oli]

I have two Van Gogh papers, and the teacher said that the first one was good, but I changed the paper, and when I finished the first one, I did the second paper and I finished. That was when I realized that the first one was better. [Jamila]

I went to swimming. I jumped into the water. I splashed in it. Jamila and Julie were on a big board. I did not want to jump. We had free play. Then I brought a "Babysitter's Club" book from class. I missed Penny so much. At the cafeteria there was chocolate milk and a fudge cookie. I loved it. I saw Oli, Grace, Penny, Ivy and Flynn. When I walked in the room, I read the "Heidi Hecklebeck" series. It was fun. [Jocie]

I was working on my Van Gogh this week. I was using a Van Gogh pen. I'm very proud of myself. [Izzy]

I have been working on a really cool project. It is about a rock. We drew it. It is really fun, too. [Elliot]

I like using the computer. It is fun to use the computer. It’s fun to be the only one in this class that is the only one who has used a computer. [Victor]

I started my Van Gogh inspired drawing. I feel proud. I like how it's coming out. [Orla]

I'm proud that I am writing right now. Very, very proud. I am probably going to miss work time, but... I don't care. Besides, I would rather read. So, yah. I do not know what to write! [Cliona]

I went swimming. I did something really cool. I swam on my back. And it was fun. [Samari]

I am reading this book called "Amulet". It is a series. I like it because it has adventure. Basically it is about a boy and a girl. In the beginning the father dies, and the family moves, and the firl finds the amulet, and the mom gets eaten by an octopus, and the boy and the girl help the mom, and they find the grandfather, and the grandfather dies, and they find their assistant. [Simon]

I'm really proud of myself, because when I was only in first grade, I could only write my name. But now I can write more than 28 lines, and now I am a much better writer. [Flynn]

I did Van Gogh today. I am not happy about my Van Gogh, because I do not usually draw like him. [Aiden]

I just finished my Vincent Van Gogh drawing. But me and Olivia were drawing on a different end of the rock we were sketching on, so there were no buildings. But it took me a long time to draw the drawing, but I think I was the first one to finish. So, yah. Oh! And I liked to make all the dots, the lines, the squiggles, the waves, the grass, the rock and more. And I'm proud of my drawing. Now it is time to say: ya![Grace]

I feel proud that I am reading longer books. It makes me feel good and makes me feel relaxed and brave. And I like to read aloud. [Zahara]

I am slowing down my reading, because before I read so so fast tht I almost fell to sleep, but it's good I didn't. I also didn't know what the words said. I also didn't know why I was reading. [Krystalyn]

I feel proud because I read slower than I used to. I'm proud that I am drawing like Paul Gauguin. I think I am getting better at drawing about artists. I'm proud because I do my work faster and finish it quicker that I used to. I'm proud that I write faster than I did in Pre-K and first grade. I am proud that I am getting better at spelling, and I am getting better at measuring in math. I'm getting better at choosing things. [Levi]

I did Vincent Van Gogh work and it very fun and he painted and drew beautifully and that makes me happy. [Julie]

Something that made me proud this week was I caught up on my Vincent Van Gogh. I finished the pencil drawing and covered it with ink. [Maya]

I am very proud that I got to do all my work! I did all my mathwork with the measuring tape. [Iggy]

I'm proud of eating home lunch for the first time. I enjoyed my lunch. Home lunch is the best, because I can eat my lunch faster, and I saw Jocie. I am also happy because I woke up earlier. [Vesper]


All the Poems So Far
Posted on December 19, 2018

We reviewed all of our poems this week and chose which ones we wanted to recite with a partner or group. Check out the photos in the gallery and the video of us reciting here.


The Island
Posted on December 13, 2018

Today we looked back at the poem "The Island" and wrote our own poetry inspired by it.

The Island
Lillian Morrison

Wrinkled stone
Like an elephant's skin
On which young birches are treading.

The Crystal [Penny]
Shimmering crystals
Like a necklace
On there are diamonds.

Snow [Penny]
Shiny snow
Like a white blanket
That covers Brooklyn.

The Clock [Krishna]
Smooth glass
Ticking like a bomb

The Rock [Izzy]
Smooth and hard
Like bark from a tree
In the shape of a shell
or a duck.

The Sweater [Samari]
Fuzzy sweater
Like a rabbit tail
Fuzzy furry and soft

The Rock [Orla]
Dark and light
With a cave inside
Like a zebra.

The Rock [Emmanuel]
The invincible rock
Strong and hard
Like metal
And the most powerful thing in the world
You can't break it.

Books [Grace]
Read into it
Like a whole other world
It could be exciting and sad.

The Rock [Grace]
Smooth and cold
Like a dolphin's skin
Striped with orange.

Smooth Rocks [Ivy]
Like the skin of an orange
Smooth as a banana's skin
Dipped in hot pudding.

Hand Sanitizer [Cliona]
Hand sanitizer
You have to like the smell
Oh yeah
The nice feeling is life.

The Smooth Rock [Maya]
So smooth
So smooth
Like a sheet of paper
On which someone
Would write about smooth rocks.

Stripey Rock [Trudy]
Stripey rock
Like a bone
And very very very colorful.

The Rock [Krishna]
Smooth and stripey
Like the smoothest skin
On which sand is sitting.

The Rock [Flynn]
Bumpy sparkles
Like sparkling water
And a boat on top of it.

The Rock [Simon]
Greenish stone
Like a turtle's shell
On which pink dots are playing.

The Rock [Krystslyn]
Hard and bumpy
Like a chair
Sparkly, too
Like a nightgown in a sparkly house.

Writing Book [Mila]
Smooth book
Like a shining bowl
Like a smooth cup
Like shining stars
Like when it's night.

The Rock [Mila]
Bumpy stone
Like a hard wood
Falling on the floor
Making a noise when it falls
Like a tin can that is closed.

The Smooth Rock [Zahara]
Smooth rock
Like a dolphin's skin
Playing in the ocean.

The Marble [Olivia]
White as snow
Like a diamond
So pretty.

The Nap [Olivia]
So good
Like heaven
Nap time.

Rock [Elliot]
Broken rock
Like scattered glass
Kind of like pancakes, too!



Forest Walk
Posted on December 7, 2018

This week, we worked on a poem called "Forest Walk" by Kristine O'Connell George. Check out the video of some of us reciting the poem from memory. Then read O'Connell's original and some of our versions.

Forest Walk
I'm practicing my
  see-all, know-all
  forest walk.
No one will know I'm coming.
No one will know when I'm gone.

Tickling [Izzy]
I'm practicing my
He laughs so hard
So hard he doesn't speak.
He falls on the floor.

Gymnastics [Zahara]
I'm practicing my
Then I do a cartwheel.
I love gymnastics.
It makes me happy.

Painting [Jocie]
I'm practicing my
I like to be quiet there.

Ballet [Olivia]
I'm practicing my

Split [Samari]
I'm practicing my
Just walk away.
No one knows it hurts.

Kick Ball [Krishna]
I'm practicing my
  kick ball.

Catching [Simon]
I'm practicing my
  catching a baseball.

Fire [Grace]
I'm practicing my
  making fire.
Perfect fire.

Skiing [Flynn]
I'm practicing my
  skiing down really big hills.

Kicks [Levi]
I'm not very good at kicks
but I try
Having breaks is fine.

Eating Dessert [Maya]
I'm practicing my
  a chocolatey thing
  a sweet chocolate cupcake.
It is so good.
Chocolate is my favorite.

Biking [Krystalyn]
I'm practicing my
Oh no!
A hill!
Where's the break on this thing?!