June Share
Posted on June 14, 2019

What a year it has been! Wow! We had been so busy over the last three weeks that we barely took a picture and rarely updated this site. But... at June Share, we performed and displayed all of the work that had been keeping us so occupied! If you couldn't make it to the share (or if you made it but want to remember what you saw) check out the picture galleries and videos below.

The share! (These amazing pictures were taken by Justin, Olivia's dad.) ⇩

George and Martha Plays

Bridges ⇩

Georgia O'Keeffe-inspired flower drawings ⇩

Haiku Animations


Choose a Bridge to Build
Posted on May 20, 2019

Click the picture below and look at the different kinds of bridges.
Some of these bridges are ones that we have studied.
Some of these bridges are ones that kids have built in the past.
Fill out the sheet that you will get.
If you have time, draw your bridge ideas in your Field Journal.


Randall's Island and Suspension Bridges
Posted on May 15, 2019

This week we went to Randall's Island. I took a bus. I felt soooo sick. When I got off the bus, I took a lot of breaths of fresh air. "Aaaah," I said. First, we split into groups. I went off to a bench. I sat down. It was cold. "Huh?" I said. "It was hot over there but cold over here." I saw another bench in the hot sun. I moved over to it. Now it was too hot. "Eh," I said. "It is better than being cold." I sat down and got out of my lunch. It was a turkey sandwich and a bar. I ate my food and played for three minutes. Then my teacher said we had to draw. "OK," I said. I got out my thingy and I started to draw. I looked at my work. "Hmmmmm," I said. "Now it is time to leave." I got back on the bus. [Elliot]

On 5/15/19 we went to Randall's Island. It was fun. We looked at a bowstring arch bridge and a suspension bridge. The bowstring arch bridge is called the Hell Gate Bridge and the suspension bridge is called the Triboro Bridge. It was cool. And, as you can see, I love dogs. Sorry for the interruption... now back. So as I was saying, we drew the Hell Gate Bridge. My favorite bridge was the Triboro Bridge. It was beautiful and I liked the color. It was blue! [Simon]

We went to Randall's Island. It was so fun. I loved it. We drew the bridge. We saw boats. The best part was we got to sit on the bench. I loved it. I never knew it was so nice outside. I love it. It was not raining cats and dogs. It was so nice out. Mother Nature is the best thing ever. [Samari]

This week I went to see the Hell Gate Bridge. We got to eat on picnic benches. Iggy gave me a sushi. I never tried sushi. It was good. I also had: a turkey and cheese sandwich with a banana, a granola bar and apple sauce. It was so yummy. The sushi Iggy gave me was avocado. After lunch, we drew the bridge. I sat next to Iggy on the bus. He talked a lot. I also found a lava rock. Iggy preserved it. I had a lot of fun. [Vesper]

This week my class went to Randall's and Ward's Island and there were many kinds of bridges like the bowstring arch bridge and the vertical lift bridge or a suspension bridge. And all of them connected to Randall's and Ward's Island. [Oli]

This week I went to Randall's Island. I went with my friends and I learned about bridges. We learned about the Hell Gate Bridge and it was beautiful.  We talked about bridges. And we also learned that Randall's Island is in the middle of Manhattan and Queens. But the only thing is we went on bridges. We went on a lot of bridges. [Julie]

This week we went on a trip to Randall's Island. First, we sat in a quiet circle and shared what we heard like wind or birds chirping. Next, we had lunch. I had berries and crackers and a rice cake. Next, we drew the Hell Gate Bridge. Andrew and Greta kept on saying "You are not done. Keep on adding details." It was an arch bridge. Next, we went on a beautiful walk. We saw dandelions and we saw what held the bridge and where the bridge ended the thing that held the bridge was almost as big as our school. The bridge never went on the ground. Then we walked to the bus to go back to school. It was a pretty fun field trip. [Maya]

This week we went to Randall's Island. We ate lunch on benches because the grass was wet. We drew the Hell Gate Bridge. We also did not one but two suspension bridge experiments. One we were cheating with a ruler but the second we used a cable. [Orla]

Today is Friday and this week we worked on a suspender bridge. I am partners with Levi. But I couldn't work with him for a little while because a teacher took him. So for kind of a long time, I had to work by myself. It was pretty hard to work by myself for a while. Nevermind... it was really hard. I was trying to hold up the blocks to put on the deck that has the string on it and the string has the ropes and the ropes had nothing but air on and over and down. "Finally you are here!" I said. "Sorry if I took too long," Levi said. "Uuuuuuh, it's okay," I groaned 😠 "Do you need any help?" "Yes 😐 yes! I do," I  said. The end [Krystalyn]


The High Line and the High Bridge
Posted on May 10, 2019


These are just some of our drawings from the Highline. See the whole gallery here!

This week we went to the High Bridge. My mom came on the trip. It is the oldest bridge in New York City. We ate lunch on the bridge. We drew the bridge. We also did rubbings of plaques. It was fun. We also went to the High Line. There was a big sculpture. It had no eyes. It was a woman's head. We drew it. It had a rock base. [Orla]

This week I went to two bridges. One is the High Bridge and the other one is the High Line. I looked in the distance. The view was great and it was really fun and cool. [Victor]

This week we went on a trip to the Highline and we saw a statue by Simone Leigh. The statue had no eyes but it was so so big. They said it was 15 or 14 or 13 feet tall. It had braids (4). Maybe a hat. Maybe hair on her head and lines down her body. We went up on the bridge where the statue is. Then we went down some stairs to a platform and we walked more. Right. Left. Right. Left. And then me and Olivia kept saying “Why?” to Andrew because we could not go on a bunch of stairs and the stairs were on this massive structure and we went to the other side to eat lunch and I saw another class go on it but we couldn’t. It was unfair. It actually kind of looked like a beehive, I thought. No fair. They get to be in a beehive. Then I kept saying it wasn’t fair because they got to be in a beehive but we didn’t get to. And it was the hottest day in the year. That bridge reminded me of a beam bridge. There were also shells at the end of her braids. [Grace]

This week we went to the Highline and we saw a sculpture. We drew the sculpture. The sculpture has no eyes. It has lips, nose, braids and cut off lines on the sculpture's body. The sculpture is on a black rock that is named "Black Beauty". The sculpture is beautiful. It has different shapes and sparkles. The sculpture is huge and big and humongous. [Levi]

This week me and my class went to the Highline to see Simone Leigh's sculpture of a black woman. Her name is Brick House. She had no eyes but Simone Leigh still puts a lot of details but no eyes. And she had long, very very long hair and it was in braids. And she had little lines on her dress. And Simone Leigh's sculpture is very very very beautiful. [Zahara]

This week on Wednesday me and my class went on a trip and we went to the Highline bridge and we saw a sculpture. It was giant!! Well... not that big. But it was big, huge and beautiful. I felt like I was high because I was. And I was so happy because we got to draw the sculpture. The teachers said that we could see Simone Leigh, the artist that made the sculpture, but we didn't see her (teacher noodle!). We didn't get to see her because I think she was in Jamaica. [Jamila]

This week we went to the Highline and we saw a sculpture by Simone Leigh. I am going to draw it now. OK. I am done drawing it.
◀ This is it. We got there on a bus. It was fun. I liked the statue. It was cool but...achy. It was hot. [Olivia]

I went to a trip. We saw a huge sculpture. I do not know what people thought but I thought it was awesome. I want it to come to inspire you - Simone Leigh's work. And I drew her statue. [Aiden]

I went to the Highline with my mom!!! We went on a class trip together and we drew a sculpture and it was beautiful!!! And it was so awesome that Simone Leigh made the whole thing (with help). It was a woman that had no eyes, and she had braids with shells at the ends and lines down her dress. [Izzy]

This week we went to the High Bridge. On the bus ride to the High Bridge, I was really bored because I had nothing to do. We saw and drove over lots of bridges. When we got to the High Bridge we walked out of the bus and onto the High Bridge. The High Bridge had lots of little stone arches and one steel arch. The steel arch was really big. I saw that the steel arch had lots of zigzags. [Flynn]

Three days ago, I was at the High Bridge. We walked a little bit. Then we ate lunch. Then we got all the way across the bridge. Then we drew the bridge. Then we traced the history with crayons. You just had to roll the crayons around really slow and fast. It was really fun except for someone was yelling at our teachers really loud. Me and Trudy were scared. Valerie said just ignore her. [Ivy]

Last Tuesday, my class went on a trip to the High Bridge in the Bronx. (It connects the Bronx to Manhattan.) We made rubbings of the bridge. It was an arch bridge. And arch bridge is strong. It is also huge, humongous. The bus was so so so long. I was sitting next to Vesper and I read a book three times and a different book two times. It was so so so fun. I drew the bridge too, and the bridge was so so so long. [Krishna]

This Tuesday, my class went to the high bridge. And it was very interesting because it had been carrying water through a pipe which is called an aqueduct. And it used to have many small arches but the people needed to get luggage to different places so they made some arches big so the boats could get through. And in the old times, kids through rocks and hit boats and mostly boys did it. [Oli]

This week we went on a field trip to the High Bridge. First we went on a 45-minute bus ride. We passed a few bridges on the way. When we got there, we sat in a quiet circle and listened to the noises of nature. Then we raised our hands and shared what we heard. Then we ate lunch. Then we walked across the bridge. It was a very beautiful walk. We saw the tower that slowed water down from being so fast. It is very pointy. Then we rubbed these black circles. Rubbing is where you take a paper and you put it over the thing you want to rub and color it and then it starts to show up on your paper. They were all about the bridge. [Maya]

It was field trip day. I went to school. I had math. Then I got mud backpack. I got in my line spot. I went down two flights of stairs. Then I opened the door. Me and my class got into the bus. It was a loooooooong bus ride. I got off. I went down some stairs. I saw a bridge. It was not a bridge, it was the High Bridge. I walked across it. I was tired. Then we split into groups. Me and my group got a big piece of paper. I was supposed to do rubbings of these things that were ... um ... I do not know what it is. I got back on the bus and got back to school. It was a long trip. I am glad to be back even though I got only a few more periods. [Elliot]


Newspaper Structures
Posted on April 18, 2019

This week we did something exciting with newspaper. Even though it was hard it was still fun. We made a lot of things. It was so thrilling and awesome. And me and Krystalyn and Cliona crawled through it. [Emmanuel]

This week we made structures out of paper and I had an idea to make stabilizers but Andrew wouldn’t let us use of measurement tape. [Iggy]

This week we made a structure. It was sooooo fun. We used a lot of tape. It was fun but it was also hard. The student teachers rolled up paper. We taped the edges. It looked like a triangle but the bottom is a square. We also taped the rolled up paper to make it. We used a lot of tape. I know I said that before but still. Anyway, we probably used 100 pieces. We probably used too many pieces. [Cliona]

Yesterday we made structures. We had to use newspaper rolled up. Even though it was hard, I did it. I am happy that I did not quit. It had to be strong and able to fit a 2nd grader. I like my work. [Elliot]

This week we made structures out of rolled up pieces of newspaper. It was hard but worth it. It was also exciting because it was a study for getting ready for making bridges. We worked in groups. I worked with Cliona, Penny, Ivy, Roko and Trudy. We worked with tape to connect the newspaper sticks. I made a triangle shape with sticks on the bottom. [Maya]