Little Red Lighthouse
Posted on November 27, 2019

This week we had the best field trip ever! It was my favorite trip ever. I loved it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! [Levi H]

We went on a field trip and we saw the lighthouse. We split in groups. One group went into the lighthouse. And one group went to lunch outside. [Elijah]

I went to the... Little Lighthouse and it was my birthday and I went in the lighthouse!! The lighthouse was on rocks and we jumped on the rocks. And we had a birthday circle for me. [Zev]

The lighthouse there had lots of stairs. I was a little freaked out. It was kind of high. OK. It was high! [Levi F]

We went to the lighthouse. It was fun. We got to go inside. It was dark in there. There were steps inside of it and stairs. [Emersyn]

We went up so high! It was fun. We saw people. [Etta]


The Forest
Posted on November 22, 2019

On Tuesday we went to Staten Island for a trip. We took the bus. On the bus me and MD played Dungeons and Dragons. My group saw a bear. I spotted it eating a deer. It was fun, because we had pencils and we were pretending that they were bullies. My group was Ameer, Levi F, me and Jeremy. [Alex]

On Tuesday we took a trip to Staten Island. We got there by school bus. I found out that if I used some of the Apple-Crisp-Pumpkin-Vanilla-Sunflower soap, I can make my hands smell delicious!! But what I loved most of all was the hike. [Amelia]

This week we had Computer with Beth on Thursday in the computer lab at 10:25. [Jeff]

On Staten Island we went in the forest. It was so big and we looked at trees. The trees were so tall and I liked when I saw a small tree. It looked so small and some of the trees were small and some of the trees were big and we had to find out how wide the trees were. So big I felt so small. All that I thought was I was an ant. And we measured the tree that was so big and one of the trees was 350 centimeters long. One was 60 centimeters long. I thought that was so crazy. It is so nice and scary how long trees can go. It was so fun and I liked it. [William]


Open-Billed Gulls, Dance and more!
Posted on November 15, 2019

First watch some of us reciting this week's poem:

Open-Billed Gulls
X. J. Kennedy

Open-billed gulls
fighting for fish heads
creak like rusted gates.

Then check out some of our partnered movements!

Now read our memories from the week.

Yesterday it was my birthday. It was fun and it was a half-day. We sang Happy Birthday and had treats and after school I went to Coney Island and got a hot dog and some ice cream and then had a party. [Nola]

This week we had Dance. We did shapes and it was really fun. And after we showed Donna our poems. I liked to hear all of the poems. And my partner was really nice to me. And the class was the audience. [Eloise]

We went swimming. I got to touch the floor!! The water was cold and fun. We had so much fun. We had free time. We did the under water challenge. [Emersyn]

Nola is nice and the treats were good and Nola is very fun and people were saying nice things about her and it was very fun because she is very very nice and she tied my shoe in first grade. [Jacob]

We had our last section with Donna this fall. My partner was absent at dance, so I was partners with James. We had to make up shapes because we didn't have shapes because we are usually not partners. So while everyone else was deciding whether something was going to be fast or slow, big or little, sharp or smooth, me and James were coming up with shapes. But we were able to manage. Then everybody performed. [MD]

This week we had Dance with Donna. It was the last time in the Dance for the fall. My partners were Nola, the birthday girl, and Ola Mae. My real partners were Nola and Jeremy but Jeremy was absent. We made shapes. We will come back to Dance in March. Some groups were the audience and some groups were dancing. Then we did poems for Donna. [Kaya]

We learned a new song at Music. [Elijah]

This week it was Nola's birthday. It was amazing and I loved the treats and Nola's outfit was amazing and I loved it all. It was the best birthday ever. And I wanted those treats. We sang the birthday song and we said nice things about Nola. And I said, "I have known you since pre-school and you turn my frowns into smiles and that makes me happy!" [Ola Mae]

It was a half day. We watched a half of a movie. We got a slice and a half. This day was the best!! It was the last week that we did Dance. [Levi F]

It was the last day of fall Dance and we won't be dancing until March. My partner, Willa, is so nice! We made circles and funny shapes! So you think I had fun? Well I did, thank you very much! I am being sassy. So there! You can't tell me what to do. Anyways... back to Dance class. We did poetry after because Donna thought we had less time so we tried to do all the poems but someone forgot to do "What Is It the Wind Is Looking For?" So you want me to recite it? Oh all right. If you really want me to. Here we go. What is it the wind has lost that she keeps looking for under each leaf. You content now? Here we goooo! Do you want me to recite the Island poem? Oh, all right. Fine. Here we go. Wrinkled stone like an elephant's skin on which young birches are treading. Now you better not make me recite Pigeons! You do? Oh fine. Here we go. Pigeons are city folk content to live with concrete and cement. They seldom try the sky. A pigeon never sings of hill and flowering hedge but busily commutes from sidewalk to his ledge. Oh pigeon, what a waste of wings. Hello? You're asleep? Phew! Yay! Time to party! Yay! [Amelia]


Jamaica Bay
Posted on November 8, 2019

On Wednesday we went to Jamaica Bay and I saw an airplane. And I heard the water. And I felt calm. And we found leaves. And Andrew's throat hurt. And we took the bus. [Willa]

On our trip we made a circle and we closed our eyes and I heard an airplane and I heard the wind and I felt the rocks and Liam. And when we were walking Elijah held my backpack and I loved it!! [Ola Mae]

This week we went to Jamaica Bay with the class. It was so fun. We saw geese and other birds. I looked at rocks and there was a beach with animals on the beach. There was tall grass and plants. There were little critters in the plants like caterpillars and butterflies We took a school bus there. We ate lunch first. We went on Wednesday. [Mila]

Our class went to Jamaica Bay. We had a circle of peace. It's when you close your eyes and listen outside of the circle and write what you heard and felt. This is what I wrote: Heard seagulls, airplane, leaves rustling; Felt the sun, peaceful and happy. [Amelia]

It was cold. I heard the airplanes and the rocks. I heard the wind. I heard the geese. I heard the people. I heard the sky. I heard the water. I heard the trees. I heard the wind. [Jeremy]

Jamaica Bay: airplane, waves, the wind, geese. [Liam]

Jamaica Bay: clouds, the waves, trees. [Etta]

I felt freezing, warm, brrrrrrrrrmmmmmm. I heard the waves. I felt rocks. I felt calm. I heard the peaceful wind. I felt shells. I felt dirt. I felt peaceful. I heard seagulls. I heard leaves. I heard rocks. I heard an airplane. I felt the sun. I heard trees. I heard grass. I heard the cricket. I saw the sky. I saw the clouds. [James]

We are walking at the bay. [Latfiyah]


This Pretty Planet and the Week
Posted on November 1, 2019

First, listen to our song of the week. It is our first time trying a song as a round!

Now, read some of our week memories...

My class went to Governor's Island. We saw trees and we studied it. The way we got there was on a boat - a ferry is the way we got there. And it was not so fun. And we saw fish. The fish were small and the horn was loud. And before we got there we read a book about islands and how most of them became islands and the island became an island from volcanoes. And when we got back from the trip we did some more stuff and then I went home and then I told my mom about the trip. And on the next day we had indoor recess which we normally don't have. The reason why we did not have it was because it was very cold so I was not so happy about that. But I guess playing in the gym is not so bad but I would rather play outside than inside. So we played soccer in the gym and it did not feel so long. And then after that we did what we are doing now. So that's that. [William]

We had Reading Buddies today. [Jeff]

On Thursday I was so excited for Halloween that I screamed my head off. [Willa]

I was so excited for Halloween so I could dress up in my werewolf and I was so excited to get candy and say 'trick or treat'. [Jacob]

The boat was so cool it made my ears pop! I love the horn. It's so loud! I was at the top. [Dylan]

This week we went to Governor's Island. We sketched. But then it rained so my pencil didn't work on the paper. Then I had to draw it again! But then it was raining a little hard so we left. We took two trains and we took a ferry to Governor's Island and then we took the ferry back. [Kaya]

On Tuesday it was Emmy's birthday. And we went on a trip. And it was fun. My dad came on it. And we went in a ferry. It was cool. The water was wet. It was raining. [Nola]