Dance, the Book Fair, a Handshake, and the Time When Greta Fell Out of Her Chair!
Posted on September 27, 2019

We went to the Book Fair and I got two books and I got a bookmark and a pencil. The pencil was a rainbow and the bookmark had jelly beans on it. I did not know what to get so I got two books and I really like them. [Eloise]

We had an awesome time at Dance. And Donna did a 30 second dance. And we did a body dance. I'm done. [Vivian C]

This week we went to the Book Fair and I got a very cute dog book! [Ola Mae]

We went to the Book Fair and we learned about Tinies. [Ameer]

I showed Latfiyah the Rock Girl Friends handshake while we were walking to lunch. I was hungry. [Vivian S]

This week, Greta fell out of her chair. She is OK but it was a little funny. She tumbled backward in the middle of class and landed on her tush. Everybody laughed. The laughter echoed off the walls. Then she got back up and laughed, too. Then she kept teaching. Now I'm waiting for Andrew but the ukelele fell. [MD]

Me and Grandma got a book from the Book Fair. [Dylan]